Ghost Mannequin

Ghost Mannequin:

Ghost mannequin service is also known as invisible manikin service. We use this to capture various product pictures within a short period. We use ghost mannequin service to give a 2D or 3D effect on many garments. It can be implemented on shirts, cardigans, jackets, swimsuits, etc.

  • Best Image Masking Service in BangladeshFor working in every sector of the image processing industry, we know the expense of photographs with a model from every view. However, the highly expensive photographs of fashion garments do not help to show the product from every way. Moreover, we understand the importance of customer’s decision for coming to your side. Ghost mannequin is not something joining the images to make a complete part, correcting the color, or clipping path.
    Most of the survey on e-commerce fashion garments concludes the result of ghost mannequin as the cost-saving weapon. It is also an efficient way to engage customers with your product.
    Using Ghost manikins for your product is a cost-effective way to promote your products. Sometimes, manikins can be distracting for which ghost mannequin service is a savior. If you want to add a ghost manikin effect to your image, you will need to follow these following steps:
    Posing a model or mannequin It is not always attractive to promote the product through a dummy or a model. That is why retailers want the manikins and models to seem invisible. To add a ghost mannequin, you will first need to capture products worn by mannequins. Dummies should be done from various angles. Our service is to show the unique shape and fit of each product. You must use a static pose for real models and tie up the long hair. Manikin helps in getting the view right. The garment worn by the model or manikin should fit.
    High-quality photography To execute ghost mannequin technique you need to hire high-quality reproduction. If you lower the quality of the product, less will be the ghost manikin effect on these images. When you take a picture of any product, make sure you place the camera in front of the area you are photographing. Also, ensure that the background is white.
  • Why Choose Graphics Design Studio ?Graphics Design Studio know the right way to create the 3D image of your product by using the proven ghost mannequin technique without making any harmful creation. Our experts have complete knowledge on the premium software like Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop CC, Alien Skin, Adobe Element, etc. which are critical for creating the Hollow man effect.
    Our team is artistic in the improvement of their knowledge and expertise for using the current technology. It makes us the best ghost mannequin editing service in Bangladesh. We offer you the best 3D photograph according to your demand. Skill, knowledge, hard work, and reliability help us to grow as the largest ghost mannequin editing service in Bangladesh. Multiple client’s interactions nourish our professionals in dealings. Therefore, you will find them very cordial and efficient in understanding and supplying your requirements.
  • When to use ghost mannequinYou want to save your time and money as it is very cost effective. There is no need to waste your time sourcing for the right models to fit your product easily.
    You want to bring about brand messages for the product. Using ghost mannequin, your brand can build up loyalty with the customers.
    You want to present clearest and stunning apparel images to your customers.
    You want to display product in stores, as well as ghost photography.
    Retail stores use this software to differentiate themselves from other competing businesses.
    You want a superior level of strength and durability while maintaining a low weight.
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